Leadership at Every Level

As a motivational keynote speaker in sales and leadership, Bill Wooditch has helped thousands of individuals and aspiring businesspeople through his unique approach of leadership.

In over 25-years of developing and leading a multi-million-dollar company, he has learned that sustained organizational growth is fostered by empowering people to think and do; fail and adapt; learn and grow. For Bill, the overarching goal is to birth additional leaders, and create a legacy within the organization.

The insurance industry recognizes this leadership style as, “The Wooditch Way,” but in his keynote, Bill calls this method L.K.T.P.® (Leadership Knowledge Transfer Process).

One of the biggest challenges to growth in any organization is the failure of leaders birthing other leaders. If a company is to thrive, there needs to be a process for leadership knowledge transfer that both inspires and informs.



• Learn how to create an opportunity-based environment.
• Learn how to empower people to think beyond the scope of their job.
• Learn how to create an environment free from fear; one that encourages people to think and do.
• Learn the two crucial “senses” of business.
• Learn the law of 33 1/3%.


• Delivering value is a product of cooperation and collaboration. Learn how to position your people to compete and win.
• Learn how to attract and engage clients by “closing the circle” in all aspects of communication.


• Growth is an outcome from an environment where the willing and able are encouraged to attempt and perform. Learn how to create an environment that treats failure as an indispensable teacher in the development of the people who create your culture.

Bill is also a bestselling author and has helped millions connect with their inner competence and overcome personal obstacles with his inspiring words and seminars.

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