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Through coaching programs and mentorship opportunities, Bill Wooditch shortens the distance between where you are now and where you are determined to go in the future. If you want to take your business to the “next level,” Bill will help you get there. For over 25 years, he has created and implemented proven concepts, structures, and narratives that support leadership development. He is a results-based coach who inspires the quest for authentic transformation.

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I have had many coaches throughout my career. Some of those coaches fulfilled their promises and some didn’t and some just well-made things worse. What I found is this, Coaching/mentoring with Bill is truly an experience that is unique and precise at the same time and unlike anything else I’ve experienced.

His coaching is not cookie-cutter nor is it half-hearted. He goes the extra miles (not mile) for you! If you are willing to put in the work and take some risks, Bill will get you there. He is well versed, well-read, and has such great diversity in his knowledge that you couldn’t help but attain your new goals because of the team you two will make.

Bill’s masterful guidance and his genuine level of care have helped me make decisions that seemed mountainous, given tough love when necessary, and imparted his greater level of understanding to help myself and my business grow. I highly recommend Bill for anyone who wants to play at a higher level, I know you won't regret it.

Raynette C. Ilg N.D.President, Olive Branch Wellness Center, Inc.

Bill & I first connected via LinkedIn nearly one year ago, upon my discovering his powerful content on that platform, and I have since grown professionally & personally in multiple ways as a direct consequence.

Once introduced I, of course, immediately acquired copies of both of his WSJ bestsellers, ‘Fail More’ & ‘Always Forward’ - which serve as a playbook for success & have helped me tremendously in my career. I would recommend these powerful tools to anyone looking to push themselves into that next stratum of professional/personal growth. I reached out to Bill, after being inspired by his story & the message he delivers so consistently & so passionately - just to say thank you, really. From there, we began a dialogue that quickly turned from exchanges of broad topics and ideas into a mentor/mentee relationship.

Bill has been the type of mentor/coach that allows me to be my truly unvarnished self & we have established a dynamic where I feel an unquantifiable amount of gratitude for the patience Bill’s exercised on me and the wisdom he’s so generously shared. Bill is a lot of things: A great leader, a master communicator, a most generous spirit & a relentless force for positivity - fostering growth & change in those that he works with. But, the thing I appreciate most about Bill is his friendship. I am in a better place in my life as a result of Bill’s encouragement, support & direction.

I am grateful to know Bill, for the influence he’s had on me, & look forward to continuing to work with him for as long as he’ll allow me to hang around.

Austin BryantRegional Corporate Sales, ASAP Industries Manufacturing LLC

Bill has played a very important role in terms of helping me understand leading a team from a leadership and managerial perspective.

Bill is a very unique character because he can compartmentalize and explain ideas in almost a poetic format.

In terms of bottom-line business results, he has definitely proved himself time and time again in order to help grow a leader like myself, be more effective and deliver with individuals.

He's his style is needless to say, unequivocal. It's very different yet very effective on that front. And whoever works with whom will definitely be very, fortunate to run across such a unique individual in their lifetime.

Jeff ButlerCEO, TEDx Speaker, Workplace Consultant, Author

Bill Wooditch is one of the most insightful and inspiring thought leaders of today. Bill has not only become a close mentor and coach, but also a personal friend. What I have come to know of habits, consistency, and discipline was not learned through books alone, but through osmosis.

In today’s online echo chamber of never-ending soundbites from self-endorsed business experts, where we are flooded with courses, books, and quotes, it’s refreshing to be personally advised and coached by an entrepreneur – an outlier – who’s built a $100 million company and leads a diverse organization.

Bill’s an outlier because he really practices what he preaches and coaches, whether in public or private. Bill’s coaching and leadership philosophies are not for the faint of heart. His coaching techniques are straightforward and honest, yet real and true, as he genuinely wants to see those around him flourish as he has. If you hang around Bill long enough you will come to know that when our thoughts and actions are aligned, we are unstoppable.

Matthew FeltnerProducer