Unstoppable at Sales

Don’t shrink your lifestyle to match your paycheck. Increase your income to expand your lifestyle.

“UNSTOPPABLE at Sales” will change the way you do business — forever.

This presentation is designed to teach you the “art of the closing” the Wooditch Way. You will learn how to QUALIFY® an opportunity from a conversation.

Bill provides clear, powerful, actionable methods to implement into your sales strategy to increase your efficiency and your close rate.


How to qualify a conversation from an opportunity

You will stop wasting time and money when you learn how to QUALIFY®. The biggest failure of most salespeople today is the inability or unwillingness to QUALIFY® a suspect from prospect. My proven law of 33 1/3% along with 7 interlocking steps of QUALIFY® will preserve time and expand your effectiveness.

How to overcome common Sales barriers

Sales is an engagement sport. Every sport has its barriers to entry. You will learn how to break through some of the common and most formidable obstacles.


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