Focusing on the Customer – What to Say To Go From ‘Maybe’ to ‘Yes’

In sales, the worst thing you can possibly hear is not ‘no’, but ‘maybe.’ Having closed millions of dollars in business, and working in organizations as an employee, but also employer, Bill Wooditch learned that the biggest thing that wins big deals is going from a ‘maybe’ to a ‘yes.’

Unfortunately, the answer does not lie in the pages of a sales book but is right in front of you – the customer.

Bill Wooditch, in his program focusing on the customer, will reveal how to QUALIFY® customers, in order to ensure you maximize your probability of hearing the longing of the ‘y’ word, ‘yes.’ After experiencing thousands of rejections, he developed a philosophy to work in various industries and unlimited scenarios that involve customers.

With this information, how much business could you close if you learn how to get your ‘maybes’ to ‘yes’?


  • Unearth the steps 7 steps effective prospect qualifications to preserve time and expand your effectiveness.
  • Explore the 33 1/3% rule and it can explode your team’s quarter success.
  • Prominent psychological cues to look for when first meeting a customer to maximize future business.


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