This program will show you how to turn your intentions into dollars.

Overcoming Common Sales Barriers

Sales is an engagement sport. Every sport has its barriers to entry. You will learn how to break through some of the common and most formidable obstacles.

How to Qualify a Conversation from an Opportunity

You will stop wasting your time and money when you learn how to QUALIFY. The biggest failure in the world of sales today is not knowing how to QUALIFY a suspect from prospect, and turn a prospect into client.

Understanding the Incremental Steps Toward “YES”

Today, high-end sales are a process; they’re not an event. You will learn how to apply those small steps that bring you to the point of sale.

The Art of Cold Calling

Before you can sit across the desk from the person who buys what you're selling, you have to get in the door. You will learn the "Wooditch Way" that becomes the art of opening doors.