4 By-laws for Success In Business and Life

By June 16, 2016 August 7th, 2018 No Comments
  • Become and remain a student of your business. Learn your business from the ground-up, focus on the fundamentals first – master them. Learn to work with, use and position markets, industries, competition, and other key indicators and influencers that can make your business dynamic. Learning is a fluid process that will provide you with an advantage on a daily, weekly, monthly, and life-long basis.
  • You must also be a student of life. A student of life learns to navigate personalities and, at the very least, exist with or in spite of the various personalities they encounter in this game of life.
  • Mastering core competencies is necessary to move your life’s platform forward. You will only advance commensurate with your attitude, people skill, conviction and core competencies.
  • Be of value to yourself by becoming more valuable to others; do the things that others won’t or can’t do by owning the obligation to improve!


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