4 Things To Learn From Your Twenties

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What are the things everyone should learn in their twenties? If you have just graduated from college or are about to and aren’t sure what you’re doing with your life, here’s a tip: relax. The good news is that your twenties are the best time to experiment with ideas and approaches in life; to make mistakes and learn from them and to invest in yourself for personal and professional growth.

Any 30-plus-year-old will tell you the same thing: “If I could tell my 25-year-old self something, it would be to take more risks and never stop learning from your mistakes.”

It is absolutely crucial to learn to evolve and make the best of the opportunities that come your way when you’re in your twenties. What is just as important is to allow yourself the time and space to grow.

Here are some of the life-changing lessons every twenty-something should know.

There’s A Lot They Won’t Teach You in Business School

Let’s say you have a brilliant idea for your entrepreneurial venture. You know the basics because they taught you that in school through formal education.

Maneuvering your own business, however, is a whole other story. Finding the right kind of vendors, figuring out how to handle limited resources and being street-smart are things business schools don’t teach formally. Allow yourself some room for error if you make mistakes and try to learn from them organically.

Failure Is A Good Teacher

No one likes to fail. When we’re younger and in school, we grow up thinking that failure is bad and that it’s indicative of lesser intellectual abilities.

However, that’s not the case when it comes to life outside of school. Failure can be a great lesson and most people in their twenties tend to fail more than a few times until they realize how vital it is for their personal and professional growth. By failing, you are only preparing yourself better for aspirations. By learning to adapt and overcome failure, you simply become better at handling success when it comes your way.

Money Isn’t Everything

When we’re young, it’s easy to feel excited about the money that comes your way because it is a means to achieve the next milestone in life—a house or a car, perhaps. Even when it comes to business, try not to think of your financial capital as one of the biggest investments in your business. Instead, focus on the value you and your business can bring to society and the environment. This way, you don’t feel like you’re stuck in a rat race, and it becomes easier to live a more purpose-driven life.

Take Care of Your Body

Youth can be deceptive. When we’re in our twenties, it’s easy to feel like our health will always be around. A couple of years down the road, you start feeling aches in places you never thought could ache! Your body is your vehicle to success. If you take care of it right, it will only return the favor throughout your life. Include exercise in your routine or join a yoga or a dance class! Do whatever it takes to keep your body healthy and active so you can embrace the success you desire. The sooner you start, the better – so try to learn these lessons in your twenties.

The best way to live your life is to live it to the fullest. The simple act of believing in yourself and being purpose-driven can go a long way!

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