The Body Language of a Leader

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It’s true that some individuals are born gifted and make excellent leaders. However, with every quality, you need guidance and patience to hone your abilities.

Entrepreneurs and salespersons focus on the importance of speaking eloquently or being tactful. What many don’t realize is that being tactful does not only mean being able to talk the talk, but to walk the walk as well. The body language of a leader is crucial.

Take a look at political leaders; the way they conduct themselves makes them compelling and persuasive. However, most of us are wary of certain leaders because we see the way they convey their message through their body language.

Facial expressions and body language play an important role in not only politics but sales and business as well.

Whether you’re a team leader or a young entrepreneur, be a role model for your team and employees. Leadership is not limited to simply getting the job done. It’s about handling complex situations/people, guiding young and inexperienced individuals, taking the risk and initiative to do what is best for both your team and organization; more importantly, it’s about inspiring loyalty.

The Way You Portray Yourself

It’s true that we should not judge a book by its cover. However, in the corporate world, the way you present yourself says a lot about who you are. It highlights your personality and the kind of leader you are.

If you appear nervous and avert your eyes when talking to a potential client, they may be led to believe you lack confidence. This can sabotage a potential business partnership.

Blog22By smiling, shaking hands and looking directly at the person you are communicating with, you can appear as a confident, reliable and strong leader.

This will help you make a good first impression—and a lasting one.

In order to survive in the corporate sector, hold your head high, smile and communicate effectively. One way to do this is to use hand gestures while speaking or presenting your work.

This helps engage your audience and build your confidence level. Through hand gestures, individuals feel relaxed and comfortable, helping to reduce anxiety.

Secondly, avoid folding your arms while speaking to someone directly. Folding your arms shows defensiveness and unwillingness to trust the person. Instead, focus on your facial features and use hand gestures where you deem necessary.

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