Can You Handle the Pressure?

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blogThe World Series begins today! It pits the New York Mets and their inexperience against last year’s runner-up, the Kansas City Royals [experience]. Let’s think about this in the context of work. How does inexperience compete with experience? Belief can generate productivity. Effort and productivity are the genesis of momentum. Momentum is hard to define, it must be experienced. The inexperienced must have the drive to prepare and the will to get to the pinnacle and finish the job. Sometimes if you don’t know how difficult a task is, you just do it. The Mets will rely on their stars to lead the way, but they will win if they play as a team with contributions from every corner.

Kansas City is the experienced team. They must channel the fire of last year’s disappointment and follow that light in the non-negotiable pursuit of victory. They’ve been there and they almost did that last year. They were inches away from taking the trophy home. The taste of defeat lingers as sour until it is turned sweet from victory. The Royals have the confidence and belief, which is stronger than feel; they know that they are equipped to prevail through perseverance. They’ve gone from the Cinderella team to the experienced favorite. The ability to handle pressure will determine the winner of this World Series. Diamonds are made under pressure. Legends are forged under pressure. Pressure will either make you stronger or it will crush you under the weight of expectation. Whether you are experienced in business or not, your ability to effectively handle pressure will determine whether you win the day or taste the bitterness of defeat until tomorrow… or next October.


Bill Wooditch & Josh Diggs

Bill’s pick – Mets in 6… Josh’s pick – Royals in 7

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