Are You Change-Phobic? Learn How to Overcome Your Fear!

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Humans are creatures of habit, naturally resistant to change. Anything that threatens the routine and the known throws individuals off balance and instigates a sense of negativity and fear within them. People fear the unknown, and when it comes to personal and professional pursuits, they fear the potential for failure.

When things in either their personal or professional lives start to transform, there is a knee-jerk inclination to take a step back and head back into their comfort zone. However, change is crucial. It is the only way to develop and evolve and to reach new heights throughout the course of life. It is imperative then, that those who are resistant to change overcome the fear, so that they may welcome bigger and better things into their lives.


Take Baby Steps

When it comes to overcoming the fear of change, one needs to start small. Take baby steps to overcome hesitancies in making small changes before working your way up to the big leagues. The confidence boosts these small steps give you will go a long way in helping you make the big changes in life.

Embrace the Uncertainty

Life is uncertain. That much is for sure, and once you accept that, the easier it becomes to go with the flow of change. Playing it safe is never conducive to growth and success, so accept that risk and uncertainty comes with the territory.


Having a plan of action will give you something to focus on, and make you more and more comfortable with making changes as you work on it. Just like making lists can be soothing, strategizing life changes will put your mind at ease.

Blog12Learn from Others

Advice from others who have gone down similar paths or made significant changes like the ones you are fearful of will come in supremely handy.

Take All the Support You Need

Humans need emotional and moral support in order to get them through tough decisions and overcoming the fear of life-changing decisions is no different. Surround yourself with those that will stick by you and motivate you to do more and be more.

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