Connecting the “Why” to the “How”

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How do you convey your passion? Those who kindle the fire of conviction, create heart from the passion of purpose. Heart is synonymous with will and courage. Purpose is your “why”; passion envelopes, imbues, and creates the compelling “how” of what you do. Purpose connects the why to the how.

Passion that can be channeled as productive must not be confused with the lunatic fringe of frenetic insanity. After all, sometimes dogs chase their tails and people, on occasion, chase fantasies. Some people can come across as possessed… They lack purpose, but they don’t lack for passion… consistent with Halloween, this can be just scary! But then, what fun is it in following the dull drum-beat of the average?

No matter what form of business or personal pursuit you engage in, what is it that makes a person compelling? It may be your willingness to buy the message that makes the person compelling. But let’s examine this in more detail by asking the following question: When you look into the eyes of a person who is attempting to sell or enroll you, do you see desperation, fear, or perhaps greed? Or do you see the deep reservoir of conviction reflected as self-belief? People must believe the messenger before they buy the message. Authenticity is felt, it attracts like kind and quality. Your pillars of learning will support the fervor and conviction behind your message if they are aligned with the authenticity of your person. Strengthen your pillars of learning through questions that may or may not have answers. We may at times chase our tails, but we have the ability to learn and discern futility of exercise from profitable pursuit.

Strive to continue with the search, for it is the quest that is most important to those who are imbued with the purpose of passionate pursuit.

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