The DNA of a Game-Changer

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Engagement in life is a participatory sport that demands that you put yourself out there — strive, fear, overcome and achieve. Remaining on the sidelines is a spectator sport that is more closely aligned to existence than life. Choose life – get in the game!

The following acronyms spell out BELIEVE and GROW… You have to believe in yourself to be able to move forward with conviction and earned competence. Maintain your self-respect, and exhibit respect for others. People will believe in you, and if people believe, they will support you, encourage you, buy from you and position you to win in this game of life!

  • BELIEVE: We are dreamers, idealists, visionaries and creators. If we are to achieve, we must first conceive of the concept.
  • EXCUSES: We realize that dreams become reality when excuses go out the door and hard work, applied knowledge and care for others enters. Excuses alienate others as they weaken your personal platform. Excuses are a weak person’s limp – be strong, lose excuses!
  • LIFE: We own a personal belief – “If it is to be, it is up to me!” This is a way of life, a standard, an acceptance of personal responsibility.
  • INSATIABLE: We are resilient and resourceful – we have an insatiable drive to achieve.
  • ENERGETIC: We will always move forward over or through the obstacle or challenge. This takes energy and enthusiasm – pack both in your travel case! The journey is “Always Forward”!
  • VIBRANT: For us, conviction comes from confidence and confidence comes from knowledge and self-image. People feel your confidence before they care to learn about your competence. Be vibrant to be vital!
  • ENTHUSIASM: Enthusiasm can win the day – it can also lose the moment, the minute, the hour if we are not engaged and ready to play it forward in life. Learn that what you eat and how you eat will impact how you think and what you do… (This is science, the science of the brain – interesting stuff, really.) Your intent may be enthusiastic, but you can’t engage if you don’t have the energy to externalize the flames of your internal fire.


And now… We can go further… Belief can get you in the game – it can actually keep you going, but if you are to go as far as your belief can take you, then you must grow… and isn’t that the key to a game-changer, the essence of achievement?


  • GAME: We know that fear and doubt are a part of human nature. Most of the things we fear won’t kill us. Think of extending beyond your comfort-zone as a game – play the game to win!
  • RESILIENCE: To change the game we must confront our fears. Whenever we start a new project, take on a new venture, or put ourselves out there, there is usually fear.
  • OBLIGATION: How we respond and adapt to the element of fear will not only strengthen our resolve in the present, but it can grow our resistance to it in the future.
  • WILLPOWER: We will move through our fears. We will summon the fortitude to take those steps necessary to improve our station in life and, as a consequence, assist others to improve theirs.



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