Do You “Think Next and Act Now”?

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Every day when your internal alarm clock goes “off”, don’t roll over and hit snooze… rather, jump out of bed, spring forward with the intent to own the day. Start with the attitude that will bring action to your intent. Attitude is mindset. Mindset dictates altitude. The day’s trajectory begins in the recesses of the subconscious and will become actualized from the first step; a good start provides the potential for a productive ending; the process of improvement is perpetual for those who seek to achieve new heights. Keep raising your own bar of expectation. Achievement will dictate the next rung to set the bar of improvement. Think next and act now! All is next in life; to stop is to become irrelevant, discarded along the wayside as those who forge a path forward push or pull the present into the future. Think next: the next step in the process, the next presentation, the next plan which develops the new protocol that generates the position and posture to bring us to the brink of “yes.” Now, from the edge, do what it takes to bring “yes” home.

Life can be an eternal “snooze” punctuated by intermittent moments of restless anxiety. When you choose to awaken, you will find there is an emotional cost to awareness. When you understand what is important in life, you can separate the essential from the non-essential, the material from the immaterial. You may find yourself alone. While others metaphorically sleep, you’ll begin the work that is necessary to improve. Lip-service sounds like “I want to.” Action looks like “I am doing, I have done, I will continue to do.” The former lacks the power of conviction and the resolve to accomplish in the face of obstacles or failure. The latter is the progeny of resolve, resilience and focused result.

Hone your gift of instinct – follow it. When you play life forward, thinking next and acting now is both springboard and fuel for success.

Bill W & Kelsey M

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