Dropping The Ego: How A Simple Habit Will Bring Your Team Together

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The sales profession brings opportunities for obtaining quick successes, beating deadlines and staying at the top of your game throughout.

Potential leads can be anywhere and everywhere. That’s why the work of a sales professional never ceases. However, what kills the effort of some of the best sales teams is one word: ego.

Since this profession is associated with constantly selling yourself, your products and convincing others about why and how your view is more beneficial, it’s often very easy to get caught up in your own pitch. Most businesses seek hungry and aggressive sales performers that get the job done and often associate a big ego with success in this profession.

This assumption couldn’t be more wrong and detrimental to the success of teams.

An Overbearing Manager Does More Harm Than Good

A good manager is one who coaches and helps their teams to be the best they can be.

However, a manager who constantly takes over calls without letting their teams learn from their mistakes is holding their team back from doing better. Instead of guiding your teams to set you as an example and be more like you, try a different approach.

The best performing businesspeople are often those who are open-minded and welcoming of collaborative strategies to achieve sales objectives. Successful managers are often those who allow their teams to be curious and initiate strategies that are team oriented. This way, every member of their team can have a chance to learn and grow at their own pace.


Does A High Ego Indicate Fear?

Selling is a highly competitive profession. Every member of the team is geared toward competing to grab the time and attention of customers and generating as many leads as possible before their competitors do. There’s always the fear of risking livelihood and jobs when you’re in this profession. However, the best sales practices include those that harbor a sense of security in their teams.

When a business creates a climate of fear around the livelihood and jobs of their teams, they also create an environment where egos run high.

However, a team member who has a big ego that’s fueled and driven by self-interest alone may never prove to be as effective as those who weigh their personal interests against those of the company and their clients.

What Happens When We Drop The Ego?

When we start keeping our ego in check, prospects and customers start leaning in. They will begin to feel like their opinions and concerns are valued and that businesspeople have their customers’ best interests at heart.

This makes customers feel like the center of attention. Effectively, we become better equipped to address and resolve the concerns of our customers.

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