The Currency of Fear

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Change is uncomfortable. But change is necessary if you are to realize your goals and dreams in life. You will accept the cost of change when you find the pain of running is greater than the sacrifice of facing, accepting, and moving through fear.


You have your own form of risk tolerance. You calculate the cost of change in your head, and pay the price with your imagination. Fear resides in your imagination — it either reveals or covers your hopes and dreams.


Your mind is a running narrative that anchors your present to memories. Some are enjoyable and others represent a more painful experience. Where you anchor your beliefs will govern your projection and subsequent realization of a new reality. You either choose to override the painful recall with the remembrance of a profitable gain in an endeavor, or you withdraw, avoiding the uncertainty associated with the risk.


Realize you work for yourself every day. You’re the entrepreneur of your life or you are in line with the lemmings and masses, moving to the causes you don’t understand for purposes that have nothing to do with personal or societal benefit. Think of fear’s limits in the following way: Fear keeps you at your desk, at a job you don’t want, working for a company you don’t respect.


As humans, we are genetically predisposed to resist giving up what we think is certainty. We are loss-averse. We are change-averse. When gain or loss is tied to our livelihood or long-term happiness, the decision to change is one of the most difficult choices we can make. Our initial guiding force of emotion is to limit our loss before we think about expanding our gain.


Your past experiences are the imagined consequences of potential action in the future. What you fear or imagine is often disproportionate to the degree of actual risk that exists. When you risk certainty and begin to take action, you can steer through your fears instead of allowing them to chase you into the shadows of doubt.


Fear can be the currency that provides a motivation for change. Punishment or reward can be a source of motivation. Inspiration is reward in and of itself. Don’t let fear cover your dreams. Inspiration lies within the realm of imagination.


Seek to improve, take guarded risk and move Always Forward!




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