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Emotional Control: 10 Things You Can Do to Be on Top of Yours

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When it comes to navigating a workplace, emotional control is extremely important. Our emotional reactions, if misplaced, can undo things we put a lot of work into. They can undo relationships, give people a negative idea of us and paint us as all over the place and unstable, among other things.

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Further, a lack of emotional control can leave us overwhelmed and dysfunctional. For these reasons, it is important to curate your emotions at the workplace. We’re going to get into how over the course of this blog.

10 Ways to Be on Top of Your Emotions

When it comes to our emotions and being on top of them, here are some steps we can take. These steps are useful whenever you feel an unmanageable emotion or feeling taking over.

1. Tune In

Like with anything else, avoidance does not solve the problem. The first thing you want to do if you feel an intense emotion coming on is to sit back and tune into it. Explore what you are feeling. Take in the emotion in its entirety and understand what you can so you can proceed to address it.

2. Hindsight

If you’re not sure what got you feeling the way you are, think back. What happened during the day before you started feeling this way? Was there anything that maybe triggered you? If you do identify triggers or reasons, things become more manageable.

3. Perspective

So you’ve connected with the feeling and maybe a possible trigger. The normal human response would be to gear up for either confrontation or a drawn-out sulk. Try not to do either. Try looking beyond your desired reaction to the possible repercussions. Do you see them as productive? If you don’t, hold up on your response till you’re clearer.

4. You Help You

If you feel reacting is not the way but need a way to cope, look inward. Look into what you would want. We’re all different and the ways we cope just as diverse. Explore yourself and find ways that help you cope personally—ways you have come up with on your own.

5. Us and Them

Remember, we do not exist in isolation. Sometimes we feel things that might be exaggerated in our heads because of personal reference. We can even misunderstand the actions of others due to the same. Just as we suggest being attentive to yourself, it is important to do the same for others. Taking others’ opinions and thoughts into account will allow you to develop much-needed empathy. Empathy is an important tool in checking our own emotions.

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6. Let the Light In

It is easy to get caught in a vortex of negativity. Negative emotions either chip at you on the inside or trigger responses that undo things around you. If you feel you’ve been wallowing or seething for too long, make an active effort to shift gears. Think of things that make you happy, silver linings in situations and ways everything could turn out right as opposed to wrong.

7. Breathe

We often forget to breathe right when we’re stressed out or emotionally upset. It is important to check your breathing. Make sure you’re not hyperventilating and try some breathing exercises to help you regulate. Catch your breath, and your mind will soothe its self.

8. Pull Back

It is no help spending hours on a mental back and forth over a single matter. If a situation is beyond resolution, pull back. It doesn’t matter how distressing or urgent the situation may be, you’re clearly not making headway losing yourself in it. Pull back, immerse yourself in something else and revisit the emotional situation later.

9. Shut Your Doors

At times, it helps to just shut everyone out till you feel better. If at work, turn off your PC and go for a walk or take a desk nap. Alternatively, put your headphones on, turn up the volume and shut everyone out. Just for a while. That could be all you need.

10. Do the Work

If you feel you’re falling apart too often at work, take some time to refresh. Spend some time with yourself. Book a spa day. Do the work you need to do for your own emotional well-being. That way, when you’re back at work, everything will feel a lot more manageable!

You’re Not Alone

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