Are You Ready to Unleash Your Inner Superhero?

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Social Capital; The Way of Increase. Social, as defined in the dictionary: relating to the way in which people in groups behave and interact. Capital is a resource or resources that can be used to generate economic wealth. The willingness and ability to work with, for and through others can create the opportunity for resource accumulation. Earl Nightingale promoted and popularized the belief that if we are to gain increase in our lives, we must be in the service of others. You must constantly invest yourself in the services of others to reap the benefits of that service. The more you invest, the more your capital grows.

When you harness this ability, you unleash your inner superpower. Once you wrap your mind around this core idea and adapt it as a way of life, you will realize the benefit that anchors the belief. Social Capital is at the core of every situation you will experience in your life—whether it be business, personal or even spiritual. Social Capital is key and critical to a life lived “Always Forward!”

Bill Wooditch and Kali Colwell

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