Do You Have the Traits that Businesses Covet?

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Business grows with and through people, product, and profit.

Business leaders covet those people who exhibit the skill, will, and attitude that are essential to profitable growth. Of the three traits, attitude is perhaps the most contagious. It is the intangible that will create the tangible difference that separates a company from its competitors. A positive attitude creates atmosphere; it breeds buoyancy. It fuels the profit of an organization by empowering those people who have the resolve to find a way to “yes” to create, deliver, and sell the product.


Intangible Traits We Covet Intangible Traits that are Counterproductive in a Company
AttitudeUnwavering, consistent resolveDiligence

Creative problem solving

Prudent judgment


Willingness to follow-through

GossipSelf-serving cliquesJealousies

Unwillingness to take ownership for performance

Chronic lack of accountability

Awareness can offer choice. We can choose to be an asset to our company and ourselves by exhibiting the intangibles that will make a tangible difference in our lives. Take ownership of the product and performance you create and live every day. It is the way to move forward in your business endeavors and become stronger, personally for the experience.

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