Design Change and Lead the Charge

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Mastery demands absorption. We must become absorbed and consumed by the demands, nuances and challenges of our business. We must practice. We must practice our craft. We must deploy diligently what we practice with dedication. Practice is more than intermittent exercise – it is the habitual discipline to improve. Discipline requires dedication, vision and the willingness to pay the price of mastery. Yesterday’s good is today’s average. Tomorrow’s good demands today’s willingness to strive for greatness.

Practice is more than intermittent exercise – it is the habitual discipline to improve.

To further the intellectual and emotional capital of an organization, we must recruit and mentor those who are willing and able to pay the price that mastery demands. Those who practice, implement, expand, refine and export their knowledge by mastering their craft will become critical contributors to an organization’s realized value proposition. What is realized value? It is client appreciation manifested by earned loyalty. We cultivate loyalty when we extend empathy, creative meaningful results and improve our personal and professional platform with each and every engagement.

Design change and lead the charge. Generate creative thought and take the necessary action to realize productive achievement. Get out ahead of the pack. People will follow your lead or get out of the way. Just move – reflect first, engage next and create a difference in your environment.

It takes courage and will, vision and belief to consistently take those actions which close the gap between thought and compelling action. Develop the habits, apply the discipline and complete the circle of execution from request to result that will separate you from the field.



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