What Gets You Out From Under Those Covers?

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“Let’s go up tempo.” What is up tempo? It’s a surge, it’s a quickness to the step, it’s a more fluid stream of thought, it’s pace with purpose. We are fast approaching the holiday season – it’s a time where a business ramps up or winds down. Those companies that have been running at a high level, rushing to the next deadline, logging travel miles both by land and air, either find the break for a couple of days during the holidays, or take a break through the remainder of the season.

Those that break for a couple of days, then refuel and re-fire, can rekindle the energy and generate the momentum that will surge into the new year. Ask yourself, “Am I calendar driven, event driven or purpose driven?” What is purpose? It’s the “why”. It impels action that extends beyond external motivation. It’s what will get you out from under those covers in the morning, when the money is not enough to launch you from that warm cocoon of comfort. A person’s “why” is stoked from an internal fire – it ignites the drive and fuels the will. Let’s remember the “reason of the exercise.” The purpose of the exercise is to enjoy life. What we do for a living must support and become secondary to what we want for and in our life.

Some people shrink their lifestyle to mirror the results they earn in their career, and others grow their career to expand their lifestyle options.

Take the time to reflect and appreciate; adjust and apply what you learn in those moments of awareness that can occur in the expanse between “Thanksgiving self-induced food coma” and the impending sounds of reindeer hooves on the roof.

Now back to “up tempo” – seek the opportunity or make the opportunity to increase the pace. You’ll generate momentum. Momentum is a wave, it’s difficult to start – at times impossible to notice, but always easy to lose.

“Always Forward!” (Don’t look now, but 2016 is right around the corner. Rage, rage against the dying of the year… Pick up the pace… I owe this thought to Dylan Thomas)

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