Get Inspired – The Psychology Behind It

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What inspires you?

Such a simple question, but one that can throw you into a quandary.

When you think about inspiration, famous personalities, hardships and even certain moments in history come to mind. But do they inspire you or affect you in an intense way? Do they connect with you? That understanding can make all the difference in the world.

Defining Inspiration

The Oxford English Dictionary defines inspiration as:

The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative

But is this really a true definition of inspiration?

With so much meaning behind this sensation, is inspiration really a process through which you’re stimulated to do something different? Or is it a matter of human emotion, one that awakens the possibility of newer opportunities through vivid clarity?

Truth is, you can’t really affix a definition for the word inspiration. Rather than a biological phenomenon, inspiration is a complex emotion, one that dives into the human mind and quantifies our feelings, affecting us in a unique way. Perhaps it connects with our life experiences. Whatever the reason, inspiration does not limit its possibilities.

The Effects of Inspiration

Inspiration is often used to motivate people in the business world. But we all know the impact of inspiration is more than just in our professional lives.

To be inspired is to find a moment in time which transcends that of its own present and becomes a part of our lives. Perhaps because it holds a different meaning for each person, inspiration cannot be explained in plain words. But it can be shown through example.

Inspiration is that moment that shows you the prospect of something being possible. Something that once seemed unattainable. Possibilities are one of the biggest influences on our behavior and our acceptance of a better life.Blog22

Learning about Inspiration

As a business speaker, I have been given the chance to provide inspiration to countless people. My goal is to be the person who motivates others to take risks and chances they otherwise may not want to undertake—chances that can lead them to success and fulfillment.

My book Always Forward! isn’t just about learning your strengths and skills. It’s about living a life where you use every moment to push yourself towards a happier and brighter future.

Inspire yourself and be part of a story that becomes a source of motivation and encouragement.

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