Job Interview: 5 Ways to Show You’re Confident

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After all the tiring peregrinations, you’ve finally gotten the golden ticket—a job interview.

All the long hours of rewriting your resume, sending it everywhere and waiting for a response have finally paid off!

It was months and months of waiting. You’re ready to begin a new adventure, a journey toward your dreams!

**Rewind sound effect**

There’s still the job interview.

The panic sets in. Sweaty palms and heavy breathing; it makes you wonder: can interviewers smell fear?

The Game of Confidence

If sitting across the interviewer is causing you to break out in a cold sweat, know that it’s actually quite common.

During the job interview, use these strategies to be confident.

 Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises relax your mind by alleviating stress.

They help distract you from negative thoughts. When you’re calm, you think better and your responses will be well-thought-out.

When you’re nervous, you’re more likely to stumble over your words. Steady breaths!

 Prepare for Answers Ahead

You have a general idea of what you’re going to be asked.

Communities like Reddit are wonderful for tapping into the minds of employers and helping interviewees figure out what they’re looking for.

Practice your response in front of the mirror. Go for a mock job interview; ask a friend to step in and act as an interviewer. Take their feedback into account.

  Don’t Fidget!

Easier said than done. One of the best ways to avoid this is by clasping your hands together on your lap. When you fidget, it shows you’re nervous.

Practice with a friend who can point out any fidgeting habits you have so you’re more aware.

 Maintain Eye Contact

It’s standard for people to avoid eye contact when nervous.

Listen to their questions intently while maintaining eye contact. Nod your head in acknowledgment. If it’s a panel interview, make sure you address/acknowledge everyone.

Not making eye contact can make you look uncertain and rude.

 Repeat the Question to Yourself

If you’re unsure of how to respond to a particularly challenging question, repeat it to yourself; take a moment to come up with an intelligent response. It’s completely acceptable to collect your thoughts. You don’t want your answers to be rushed or not well-thought-out.

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