The 4th Quarter Push: 5 Sales Tips to Get You Over the Top

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As salespeople, we’re thinking by the minute and hour how to refine our approach, reposition our product, and get in front of the economic decision maker—the buyer.

I’ve heard sales referred to as a science, but I think it’s more of an art. If there is a science to sales, it’s found in the behavior and psychology of humans. And, when I first started my career, I knew one thing as an ultimate truth: As long as people were buying, I had a shot to enroll them as a client.

Let’s take a look at combining the art and science of sales through 5 steps that are proven to increase momentum. These steps will create the sales that will not only bring you over the top for the quarter but will create a level of excellence in the years to come.


  1. Activity Rules Success—We all are subject to the law of numbers. People change their business partners; they sell their business; move away, or for any of a number of reasons, change their minds on how they buy and from whom they buy. You have to keep your pipeline full of activity. Your activity has to be directed toward a specific result. The first result you seek is the first “yes.” Each yes in the process building toward the next, all the way to close. Your activity will separate suspects from prospects, and through the law of numbers, will offer those opportunities to turn prospects into clients.


  1. Think and Do—If you think you should call your prospect, pick up the phone! If you feel you should see your client or prospect, get in the car or on a plane and pay them a visit. I’ve found this business axiom to be true at all times—the shorter the distance between a thought and a decisive action, the greater the chance of success in the endeavor. Conversely, the opposite is true. You’ll get ahead of the competition who may be stuck in the thinking phase while you’re already doing those things they’re just thinking about. You’ll also be ahead of those who just act without thought.



  1. Time—We’re all subject to the finite law of time. We’re all subject to the same minutes and hours of each day. Get ahead of the curve of activity that will pull you away from those actions that pay the bills and create a lifestyle. Plan the night before and start the next day early before those distractions appear on your computer screen. Dedicate the time to do nothing but prospect, visit clients, and focus on the approach you need to make to close the next deal.


  1. Understand the Law of 33 1/3%—The reason massive activity is so important is because, in my experience, a third of the people I meet aren’t going to buy from me no matter how low the price or how much value there is in the product or program. They have another partner, they may be unwilling to change because change is feared, and they accept what they know as “good enough.” Another third is willing to buy from me. They need logical proof to support their emotional choice of partner. Which brings us to the important third: We have to win the middle, the undecided, the ones who are open to the possibility of something new. Learn the difference between those who will never buy from you and those who will.



  1. YCDGBSOYA—You can’t do good business sitting on your ass! Separate yourself from the competition by meeting people. So many of us today work behind a computer, email or text proposals, and never take advantage of the human dynamic that can make all the difference in the result.

Learning to adapt to your surroundings and welcoming something new will open the door to a thousand opportunities!

As a keynote speaker, I have been given the chance to provide such sources of motivation to countless people. My goal is to be the person who inspires others to take on risks and chances they otherwise may not want to undertake—chances that work in their favor.

My book Always Forward! isn’t just about learning your strengths and skills. It’s about living a life where you use every moment to push yourself toward a happier and brighter future.

Inspire yourself and be part of a story that becomes a source of motivation and encouragement.

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