How to Let Go of Fear and Start Living At Your Own Terms

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Among the most basic human emotions, fear is most definitely one of the most powerful. A healthy degree of fear is not a bad thing. It is often fear that keeps us safe, in line and from partaking in needlessly reckless behavior.

When Fear Gets Too Much

On the flipside, too much fear or toxic levels of it can pretty much cripple and slow us down. Do you feel like you’ve missed out on a lot because you were too scared to get involved? Too scared to take part? Too scared of judgment? Too scared of failure? Too scared to take action even if your gut suggested it?

Letting Go and Living Right

The thing with too much fear is, it tends to smother and suffocate us. It gets in the way of our positive thinking; damages our self-esteem; worst of all, it prevents us from being proactive.

For this reason, it is important to let go of and process your fears—at least the toxic ones! Doing so will help you grow, evolve, thrive and live on your own terms. Here are some ways you can start.

Challenge Fear

There are fears that are reasonable and those that aren’t. The next time you feel afraid to try or do something; ask the fear what the fuss is about. If you challenge your fear and dig deep, you will find that in many cases, the reasons are, well, unreasonable! In other words, it’s likely an old association that no longer applies!

Challenge your fear so you can do away with old and redundant associations and form new healthier ones.

Challenge Yourself

It’s not enough to just challenge your fear in your head or in theory, therefore, you need to back this up with action.

Push yourself to try out things you might not have before. If you’ve never been on a rollercoaster, go for a ride! If you’re scared of public speaking, address a room of people; if nothing else, just for the experience. If you’re not used to saying no, say no! Just so you know how it feels.

Pushing yourself in this way little by little and slowly building up will help put you in a robust mindset. One where fear is no longer your master.

Connect with Competence

We all have power. We all have something to offer and bring to the table. Don’t connect with what you feel are your flaws all the time. Connect with your competence. Don’t tell yourself you can’t do. Convince yourself you can, and believe us you will!

Connecting with competence will help reinforce your ability to challenge new fears. It will also reinforce your will to take on new tasks. Both things obviously beneficial.

You’re Only Getting Started

Overcoming your fears and living on your own terms is about a change in mindset and takes a lifetime. Equip yourself with resources from everywhere.

Bestselling author and business and keynote speaker Bill Wooditch is someone you might want to check out for his phenomenal work in motivation and overcoming fear.

It doesn’t matter if you read, watch documentaries or attend a seminar by a motivational speaker! Just take what you need to get where you want to be.



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