How to Suffer Less and Overcome Obstacles

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Suffering can be described as the process of experiencing pain difficulty or some kind of hardship. Needless to say, any associations with the word are unpleasant and it’s something you’ll want to overcome. What you might be wondering is, how suffering translates to our day to day lives and how you can suffer less and overcome obstacles. This is professionally speaking in particular.

What Suffering Takes


Suffering is a process that drains energy and the more we hurt, dwell or stew, the more energy we spend. This is why you often feel mentally exhausted after a stressful event or incident.

Controlling How Much We Suffer

There is a saying; you can’t control pain and hardship, but you can control how much you suffer for them.

Let us now take for instance something like car trouble. You have one car that you use to get to work and everywhere else. One day, it doesn’t start. Soon, you find you need to leave it at the mechanic for a few days for an engine overhaul.

Now, you’re careless, which means it’s the bus, subway or a cab to work. In many cases, what you might do is whine every day you don’t have your car. You’re irritated by everything from crowded subway trains to expensive cab fare. The point is, crib or not, for 3 days no matter what you do, you’re careless!

Controlling how much you suffer would involve accepting the situation first. The second step to suffer less would be to actively stop complaining.

You’ve been dealt the cards. As opposed to crying for a re-deal, play out your hand! The next one might be better.

If you sit and stew and mull over how things could be better, chances are, they won’t get that way! You can’t control what happens, but you can control how much it affects you and by doing so, suffer less.

Suffering Less and Focusing More


If you diminish your suffering and the energy you spend on it, you’ll have more energy to be productive. You’ll have more mental space to focus on rectifying the situation and overcoming things in your way.

Don’t focus on what isn’t working for you. Focus on what is and if you feel like none of the odds favor you, get up and make it happen!

Getting Motivated

There are ways that you can go about motivating yourself and connecting with your competence and resources. This as opposed to dwelling on what isn’t going your way is a far more productive approach.

If you want to learn more on the same, see what motivational and business keynote speaker Bill Wooditch has to say! Bill, also a bestselling author has helped millions connect with their inner competence and overcome personal obstacles with his inspiring words and seminars.

Whatever you do, always remember; dwell less; do more and you’ll be the better for it!

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