Make Your Imprint Upon the World

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I can cite from pools of prosaic statements, quotes, and axioms from the famous and the rich. Action statements, platitudes and inspirational mantra may give the reader a psychic lift for a few seconds – it may warrant display in your cubicle, office or hallway. Eventually, it becomes like most things that are diminished by daily proximity – invisible. It’s like sugar in your tea – moments of sweetness and then that saccharine residual that fades away.

Be in tune with the voice inside of you, the voice that can become a roar when you are compelled to take action. The voice will reverberate as your action statement – your distinctive signature that, when put in play, will become your imprint upon the world. Own your voice – be accountable for your success.

Practice the thought and live to it’s potential –“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

Historical figures, contemporary visionaries, and those market-disruptors that have become the embodiment of today’s entrepreneur provide the path of possibility from the success of the proven. Great role models perhaps, but different DNA, condition, circumstance, and luck. It’s what YOU do, not what they DID. It’s what YOU will do, what YOU must do that makes the difference. No difference can be made in your life or the lives of others without vigorous, purposeful, directed managed activity. Listen to your internal voice, and live your personal action statement. Living to the spirit of your personal action statement will make you unique – it can also make you relevant and formidable.

Only you can realize your potential. Only you – from summoning the gift and applying the courage to think and then do. Possibility follows potential when you take directed action.

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