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What Is It That Will Really Matter In the End?

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You can learn much about a person from the amount of “I”s they use in written and verbal expression. Does “own” or “have” immediately follow “I”? “I own, I have, I am.” Depth of character can be revealed by the structure, content and delivery of thought through action. Let’s play it forward – what is it that will really matter in the end? Will it be the cars we collected, the bank accounts that our heirs will inherit, or the rusty, cobwebbed-covered awards from yesterday’s accomplishments?

We can stumble blindly forward, blaming circumstance, condition and fate as the divining factors in our professional and personal pursuits. Or, we can become aware, regain our personal accountability and move beyond the excuses of past condition the must not define us. We can begin to establish those connections that have value and meaning in our lives. We can start and finish those tasks that play a significant part in our happiness.

The material gain may not be accompanied by a flush of happiness. Family, friends and the stuff we can’t buy can bring enduring happiness if we lose the chains of ego that link us to the material.

Depth of character can be revealed by the structure, content and delivery of thought through action.

Think about it this way; on our death beds can we take any of it with us? If we were consigned to imminent death, would we trade it all in for another day or week of life? We can’t take anything with us, but we can leave something behind. We can begin today to forge and share a legacy that can be remembered and followed by others who will apply the lessons from its example.

There is an assumed power from the material, the title or the size of the bank account. We can become wrapped in the cloak of materialism – so much so that, at times, we have difficulty finding ourselves.

Choose not to confuse the title or position for the worth of the person.

True self-worth extends beyond the material game. Chasing the material is fun and rewarding if we put it in perspective – enjoy the trappings of success but don’t assign your value or self-worth to their shine, sound or foundation.

Awareness brings clarity or it brings rationalization. Choose clarity.

Always Forward!


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