Fear and Business: Overcoming the Fear of Failure

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Fear can be paralyzing. The fear of failure prevents us from moving forward with our ideas and our passions.

If you are in the field of business, a lot of the times the fear of failure can be enough to set you back.  It can discourage you from making ambitious decisions that are necessary for professional growth.

While being afraid to fail is natural, it can be damaging for your professional pursuits. There are many ways in which you can train yourself into overcoming that fear of failure.


Visualize all Outcomes

When we set out on any kind of venture, especially as an entrepreneur, the fear of failure is strongly present. Something that can help mitigate this feeling is visualizing all the different outcomes that you could be faced with.

Give into the Feeling

Fear is like any other emotion. It is present in everyone to varying degrees and is a necessary part of life. It’s simply more productive to give in to the feeling and look for solutions to minimize it, rather than avoid it altogether.

Stay Optimistic

Optimism is something you have to fight for, but it is very much worth the effort. Negativity comes much more easily to us as humans. It can have a significant impact on the kind of decisions you make. Positive thoughts will build up your self-esteem and confidence, encouraging you to make the brave decisions you need to make in your professional life.Blog42

Accept that Failure is Unavoidable

Failure is something that is inevitable. If you are committed to living a meaningful life and make big decisions, then failure cannot be avoided.

Avoiding it means never coming out of your comfort zone and taking the easy way out—something that is not conducive to pursuing your passions and your purpose.

Have a Plan B at Hand

So you’re scared of failing and the stress of it is immobilizing. One way to alleviate the fear is to have a backup plan ready. Knowing you have something to fall back on in case things go south will boost your confidence about the situation and help you move forward with your plans.

In “Always Forward”,  written by Bill Wooditch, the need for facing your fear in an effort to move forward is greatly emphasized.

Wooditch is a masterful motivational keynote speaker and a peak-performance business training coach, who can impact an audience mentally and emotionally through the power of his words.   Book him for your next event!

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