Salesperson Hacks: How to Know When a Conversation Is Not an Opportunity

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As a salesperson, you need to identify when it’s time to turn away from a cold lead that isn’t going anywhere and instead invests your time on a more relevant prospective client.

Many sales strategists believe that every lead is a good lead. However, while many leads may start off on a positive note, sometimes, they just don’t convert into the numbers you’re looking for.

Here are a few ways you can help your team identify when a lead is way past the point of closing and when it’s time to instead focus on one with profitable potential.

The Prospect Doesn’t Need What You’re Selling

Most people in sales know that a drowning man will never need a glass of water. A successful business person knows who the thirsty man is that needs your water.

Remember, it’s not about selling. It’s about problem-solving. If a lead doesn’t have the need for your product or service, then no amount of tactics is going to convince the inconvincible.

You’re Not Talking To The Person Calling The Shots

Many times your team may approach a customer who’s able and willing to buy your product but may not be the one making the decision.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea for your team to talk to the person making the decision or at least meet them once. If the prospect refuses the request to meet the person calling the shots, it’s probably time to bail.

The Prospect Is Short On Budget

Sometimes, no matter how hard your team tries to convince the prospect of the results and return on investment for a potential deal, the prospect just doesn’t budge!

Before jumping into a deal head-on, encourage your team to tactfully inquire after their budget expectations for your product or service. This way, instead of spending days or even weeks at length on a lead that just can’t afford your services, you can save precious time into approaching someone who can.


Dropping The Ego and Saying Goodbye

Let’s face it: sales are not for the thin-skinned and it comes with its own set of failures and goodbyes.

For a business team to be successful and generate the numbers you’re looking for, it’s important to remind your team to focus on team effort and maybe not focus too much on their personal gains from the process.

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