What Makes for a Great Leader?

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Being a good leader isn’t as easy as it sounds. Almost one-third of employees don’t trust the management in their organization—a clear indicator that leaders are unable to instill a sense of loyalty and trust in their team.

Fortunately, that doesn’t always have to hold true. Businesspeople with great leadership skills can inspire their teams to make significant achievements and help them progress to greater heights.

Hence, it is crucial for every leader to work hard to gain the qualities of great leadership. These qualities include:

Communication Skills

Great leaders should be skilled communicators who can guide and instruct their teams while keeping them motivated and maintaining discipline. Only through effective, clear and concise communication will the team leader be able to convey the goals and targets set for the team.

Lack of clarity and poor communication will leave the entire team confused and lost about what they’re meant to be working toward, leading to poor outcomes.


Great Leader with Employee

Effective communication includes being able to convey your message as well as listening to the other person. A great leader ensures that their subordinates’ voices are heard as well and that the team doesn’t feel neglected.


An essential quality for a leader to possess is the ability to make a decision and stay committed to it. Decisions must be consistent, without any portrayal of haziness or doubt. Being able to stick to a decision represents a high level of commitment, which is an important trait.


One of Elon Musk’s employees stated that the key driver behind the success of the SpaceX project was purely Musk’s enthusiasm for space travel.

A leader’s sincere enthusiasm and passion for their business, its vision and its products are bound to be contagious. When the leader cheers on, the team automatically follows on the same level.

Moreover, a leader’s enthusiasm also helps identify the existing problems in the market, which motivates them to resolve the issues with innovative solutions.


With great power comes great responsibility. Leaders have to maintain their integrity through the best and worst of times and do the right thing, come what may.

Whether it involves giving due credit to the team, taking accountability for errors or prioritizing safety over anything else, a leader can’t be trusted if he or she doesn’t maintain integrity in all situations.


Maintaining confidence along with staying grounded and humble is something we all need to be working on. Great leaders must be able to hold themselves accountable in case they make a mistake and work on their criticism as a means of personal growth.

Leaders who truly deserve to be where they are will always remain grateful for their achievements without an inch of arrogance.

A good leader will also realize that learning is a continuous process that one can never be too accomplished for. Reaching out for help never makes one any less significant.

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