Rewiring Your Brain for Success

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There might be some of us who feel like, more often than not, we have trouble reaching our own set goals. No matter how hard we try or what efforts we put in, success just always seems to be a little out of reach.

We see others around us striving for and achieving the things behind. We wonder why we can’t do the same.

One possible reason you can’t succeed at what you aspire to is that somewhere deep down, you don’t think you can. You don’t truly believe you can. In other words, your brain in a way is wired to fall short.


The concept of neuroplasticity involves the brain’s ability to grow, develop, change and regenerate. Earlier, people thought that past a certain age of adulthood, this ability was lost. In other words, if you have a failing mindset, you’re stuck with it indefinitely.

More recent research, however, suggests quite the opposite. It suggests that you can change the way you’re wired. This is done by actively taking certain actions. Some of these involve how you do things and others how you see them.

Rewiring your Brain for Success

There are steps you can take to actively help rewire your brain. You can fine tune it in a manner that leaves it more conducive to thought processes associated with success. Here’s how!

Watch what you Feed It

You might think that what you watch, listen to and read doesn’t matter; it does. This is especially so with negative content. Negative content stresses us out and does not allow our brains to rewire in a healthy manner so cut back a little. Cut down on spending hours watching or reading about horrific things on the news. Try spending some time taking in good things as opposed to wallowing in the negative.

Learn the Experience of Success

Learning the experience of success involves internalizing what it feels like when something goes well. Start with smaller things you can control. See them through. When you do, allow yourself some breathing space. Sit and bask in your little successes so you can develop and internalize a sense of what it feels like to succeed.

Check your Spiraling

Sometimes, when we’re working on a particular job or task which might mean something to us, we panic. We get into what-ifs and a hundred ways things could go wrong. Don’t do that. If you find yourself spiraling actively, check yourself.

Replace the prediction of failure with one of success. Don’t imagine things going wrong. Picture the joy on your face when it all falls through! If you check your spiraling, you’re already a step ahead.

Bottom Line

There are hundreds of other ways in which you could go about rewiring your brain for success. If you want to really get into the thick of rewiring for success, you should check out Bill Wooditch. A professional business motivational keynote speaker, Bill inspires millions with his talks and videos. Just remember, the power to change your situation really is in your hands. It’s just about accessing it!

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